Welcome to Alpha Development

Welcome to Alpha Development

We are a specialist financial training company. We seek to impact performance, and partner with our clients to develop their people from around the world to be more valuable. We are part of your solution to identify, develop, train and retain that talent.

Direct Industry Experience

Direct Industry Experience

We believe your people deserve to be trained by someone who has done their job. Our trainers are a select team of ex-bankers, sales, traders, structurers, fund managers, wealth managers, accountants, HR and L&D professionals.

Alpha’s Digital Community

Alpha’s Digital Community

Learning must extend beyond the classroom. Our digital content wraps around our instructor-led training, enhancing knowledge retention. Wherever possible, we publish our digital content for anyone to use.

Integrated Learning

Integrated Learning

We are passionate in making our programmes the most practical in the industry. We don’t teach people to pass exams: we make them better at their jobs. Theory is important; practice is essential.

Alpha Worldwide

Alpha Worldwide

To serve our global clients, we have resident local trainers in UK, US, continental Europe and across Asia, covering cultural and language challenges, as well as the geographic.

What We Do

Applied Financial Knowledge

Markets and product knowledge that will help your company grow. 

From introductory to PhD/Quant level, all areas of finance are covered by specialists with practical, real world insights. We are obsessive about matching trainers with direct experience in the course content, alongside current market information. Together this delivers practical training, simulations and other active learning – preparing your people for real-world challenges.

Commercial Professional Skills

Your firm’s success is dependent on the quality of the teams responsible for sales, client relationships and distribution. 

We target 10-50 times ROI on all of our sales courses. Our Commercial Professional Skills courses are unique experiences. Like all our programmes they focus purely on financial and professional services. For Sales development we do not deliver the same ‘model’ every time, acknowledging that individuals have specific needs; and no two firms, markets or geographies are alike. We use self-awareness tools and psychometrics to develop the individuals’ self-belief and bring out their full potential.

Graduate and Interns

Our trainers know what is like to manage (and be!) a junior hire – essential for getting the best from yours.

We deliver desk-ready recruits by blending financial products, professional skills and commercial awareness from Day 1. Our Graduate and Intern programmes deliver junior talent who think for themselves.  We teach them to lead, not follow, and become responsible for their own learning, development and success.  Alpha alumni get promoted sooner because they contribute more. We provide a rich analysis of your graduates, not just test scores but assessing teamwork, professional skills, and investment simulations. We get your graduates motivated, hungry, finance literate, and contributing positively to your firm’s success.

Talent and Global Leadership

We see the training as a profit centre, not a cost.  Your targets are our targets, your products are our products.  

Our flagship Talent programmes have hard cash RoI targets attached, alongside for our flagship leadership work. Retention alone should make our programmes profitable. Our Talent and Global Leadership programmes promote a mind-set of taking ownership for your career and development path.  We focus on innovative commercial thinking, creating successful solutions leading transformational change to accelerate the level of performance of emerging talent. We have a decade’s experience of curating a ‘Business Challenge’ element, giving participants the challenge of solving real-life, strategic, cross-border cross functional projects. Ultimately this delivers strong candidates for next-level promotion.

How We Do It

Global Faculty

A global firm for global clients, but with local solutions.

Our clients need global solutions, but that requires local knowledge. The same content delivered in Mumbai and Manhattan may require very different training methodologies. We have a network of resident local trainers in the UK, US, continental Europe and across Asia, covering all cultural and language challenges.


We train from five global hubs, in 11+ languages. 

We operate from five global hubs: London, New York, Singapore, Wrocław and Sydney. To date we have trained in 6 European and 4 Asian languages, with more to come. We recognise the differences in people and believe in valuing, respecting and using these differences to support and drive organisational performance.

Attention to Detail

Our experienced programme management teams have over 100 years’ experience in the industry.

Our programme management team bring previous experience in managing projects within Global Financial Institutions. We invest in PRINCE2 qualifications for all of them. As a result we have the most skilled and efficient project managers in the industry, who are responsible for running complex learning and development programmes and can run everything from needs analysis through to ROI assessment of your learning value chain.

Practice is Everything

Theory is important, but practice is everything.

We believe that classroom time is a valuable resource. So we don’t waste it just on ‘teaching’. We ensure that it is 100% focused on preparing individuals to make a positive contribution from day one. With over 89 simulations to pick from, we focus on learning from experience.

Real Return on Investment

Training as a profit centre, not a cost.

We monitor and measure the performance of our programmes in partnership with our clients. Training is an investment of time and money – your firm and your participants deserve a measurable return on that investment.


 Many of our clients partner with us over several years.

Our clients include many established international investment banks, insurance firms, regional banks currently in high growth phases, and several large asset and wealth managers. The breadth of our offering means our clients utilise us across the entire employee lifecycle from campus recruitment through to talent development.

Some of the institutions that have used us to drive business impact includes: Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Bank of NY Mellon, Barclays, BNP Paribas Group, Capital Group, Citi, Credit Suisse, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Old Mutual, and UBS.

What Our Clients Say

  • “Alpha Development was a true partner with AIG in the development of this year’s On boarding program. What started as a simple conversation about creative ways to deliver soft-skills training grew into a true consultation that took into account the holistic needs of the program participants and the business. As a client of Alpha’s, I always felt that the needs of AIG and the program were front and centre in any decision or idea. This gave me comfort as this was my first program at the organization and it was vital to find the right partner.”

    Global Head of Analyst Development
  • The Alpha trainers have not forgotten what it feels like to learn. I believe this is what separates them from the other training solutions offered in the market.

    FX Graduate, US Investment Bank
  • Having witnessed many friends undertake various banking graduate programmes, it would be fair to conclude that Alpha Development provide the most comprehensive programme on the street, delivered by some of the industry’s most qualified and astute professionals.

    Derivatives trader, Global Investment Bank
  • The training was of exceptional value, delivered with great enthusiasm, and importantly extremely well taught. I would recommend Alpha Development for any financial training, as the training has positively impacted all the graduates in their day jobs.

    Operations graduate, US Investment Bank in London
  • I found the simulations and teamwork projects incredibly useful. They also gave me the opportunity to interact with classmates and learn from them. Through teamwork projects, I was able to draw on leadership and organization skills as well.

    IT Graduate, New York
  • The graduate programme is by far the best I’ve worked on in 10 years in banking. The whole process was dealt with efficiently from start to finish. The concepts were well delivered and placed in the context of our firm.

    EMEA Head of L&D, Global bank
  • The most credible trainer we’ve seen across our suppliers. To be able to take a room full of MDs, teach them how to do their job better, and get them engaged, then them feeding back that they’ve learnt something valuable: that’s star quality

    Head of Sales, Global Investment Bank
  • The breadth and depth of topics covered in such a short time is incredible. This is the real world practical stuff which we cannot find in textbooks.

    Quantitative Analyst, PhD Programme, Global Asset Manager